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Any symmetric and asymmetric JWT authentication mechanism can be used over SSL.


iat: 1565687278, // Timestamp when JWT is issued
exp: 1565693278, // Timestamp of expiration
sub: 'session', // Session topic
iss: 'opendax', // Identity provider service name
aud: [ 'finex', 'supabase' ], // Service which can consume JWT
jti: 'QT4fwpMeJf36', // Random string for logout
uid: '8bc0231b-bcda-4898-b14f-ba81ca2c253a', // Unique ID for user
// -------------------- All part below are optional --------------------
email: '[email protected]', // User email
role: 'trader', // User role
level: 3, // KYC level
state: 'active', // Database Status

Shared secret Authentication

HMAC is a standard mechanism used for authentication on API servers. It uses a shared secret to generate a token for every request.

Asymmetric key Authentication

A preferred method for security reasons.

RSA or EC is an asymmetric signature mechanism, it allows each peer to generate a secret privately and sign messages without sharing any secret.